You have to login or register and create a user account, if you want to use the web services.
You can partially browse the endpoints and read the documentation without login.

You may also want to register for the LPSN mailing list. The two registrations are independent of each other. However, forthcoming changes to the LPSN API (which may be of interest and, albeit rarely, even be backwards incompatible) are announced on the LPSN mailing list.

API Clients

Example clients for the access to the RESTful web service are available in R and Python.

Description of the LPSN web service

The results are delivered as JSON.

Each view contains more detailed documentation about itself below.

You can find detailed information of the content delivered from the API per taxon name here.

Please help us to improve our webservices. Report bugs and change requests, even if these are minor issues and typos. Use our contact form

The API has the following views (endpoints):

  • Detail View for LPSN IDs

    This view contains detailed information on the entry associated with each requested LPSN ID (record number). All other endpoints contain links pointing to this view. You can provide one to multiple IDs separated by ";".


    • {lpsn_ids} - the LPSN ID(s), a.k.a. record number(s)


  • View for advanced search

    This view contains LPSN IDs.


    • {search_parameters} - click on example to see the full list of parameters available


  • View for flexible search

    This view contains LPSN IDs.


    • {search_parameters} - click on example to see more information about the search possibilities.