View for flexible search


This view yields the IDs from the flexible search. The search is not necessarily less advanced than the advanced search.
Flexible search is flexible because one can query for all key-value pairs available in some API entry. Once an API entry contains a new key, this key can automatically be used by flexible search. All values are matched exactly.

The result is paginated with 100 IDs per page.


  • {page-number} - number for the pagination, starting with 0
  • {json} - JSON string to configure search. A possible value is {"category":"species"}. URL encoded this is %7B%22category%22%3A%22species%22%7D
    You can find detailed information of the content delivered from the API per taxon name here. The fields can all be used to create your JSON search.
  • {not} - indicating whether the JSON query should be negated when searching, permitted values: yes, no. Default value (if not provided) is no.

Result description

  • count - the number of retrieved entries for the given query
  • next - URL of the next page, if available, otherwise null
  • previous - URL of the previous page, if available, otherwise null
  • results - list of retrieved entries for the given query, paginated with 100 entries per page
GET   /flexible_search?search=%7B%22category%22%3A%22species%22%7D&page=0

Status: 403

Message: "Access forbidden. Authentication required."