View for advanced search


This view yields the IDs resulting from the advanced search. It works like the advanced search on the LPSN website (, hence the name. The advanced search uses the equivalent of a predefined set of keys (or combinations thereof) to query. The values are not necessarily matched exactly only; for instance, case is not distinguished and substrings are recognized.

The result is paginated with 100 IDs per page.

The possible search parameters with the expected values are listed below.


  • {page_number} - number for the pagination, starting with 0
  • {search_parameters} - search parameters to do a search
    • taxon-name - free text, minimum 4 characters maximum 200 characters
    • category - permitted values: domain, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species, subspecies, infrakingdom, kingdom, subphylum, subkingdom, suborder, subgenus, superphylum, tribe, subclass, superclass
    • nomenclatural-type - permitted values: yes, no
    • validly-published - allowed values: yes, no
    • candidatus - permitted values: yes, no
    • correct-name - permitted values: yes, no
    • authority - free text, minimum 2 characters, maximum 200 characters
    • deposit - free text, minimum 1 characters maximum, 100 caracters
    • etymology - free text, minimum 1 characters maximum, 100 characters
    • gender - permitted values: feminine, masculine, neuter
    • date-option - permitted values: before, after, between;
      works together with "date" parameter and "date-between" in case you choose the option "between".
    • date - date format: YYYY-MM-DD;
      , example: 2020-08-21
    • date-between - date format: YYYY-MM-DD;
      , example: 2020-08-21. Only necessary with date-option = between
    • riskgroup - permitted values: 1, 2, 3

Result description

  • count - the number of retrieved entries for the given query
  • next - URL of the next page, if available, otherwise null
  • previous - URL of the previous page, if available, otherwise null
  • results - list of retrieved entries for the given query, paginated with 100 entries per page
GET   /example/advanced_search?category=species&riskgroup=1&page=0

Status: 403

Message: "Access forbidden. Authentication required."